A Love Island of Name Necklaces

Love Island

With this year’s series of Love Island now over, it’s clear that it’s been a Love Island of Name Necklaces. Let’s look at the it’s lasting impact. This year it’s definitely about the old English Nameplate necklace. Not just the drama. This series really was a roller-coaster of love and lessons learnt. Whether you love or despise the show. I think we can all safely agree that it’s a trends setter, along with it’s famous slogans. (It is, what it is) With that in mind, some of the girls Millie Court, Liberty Poole, Chloe Burrows seen wearing the iconic piece of jewellery. You’re bound to see a resurgence of these nameplate necklaces on our high streets, and let’s face it…. Social media.

The Popularity

The popularity of the necklace continues to grow, with three Love Island contestants having worn them. It’s easy to see the appeal because, an Old English style nameplate necklace was featured in gold. This looked absolutely stunning on all three ladies. Name Necklaces make a statement, with the personalised aspects. Meaning something special to the person wearing it.

We’ve seen over the few years an increase of the customized necklaces. People love owning distinctive piece’s that uniquely refers to themselves. These have been spotted on catwalks at fashion week also celebrities have been seen wearing this type of jewellery, within the mainstream fashion.



Sex and The City

So many people assume the trend caught on from the tv show, Sex and The City.


With its main character ‘Carrie’, wearing the gold nameplate necklace throughout the show. These were coined the “Carrie necklace” because of them making it into the mainstream media. Whilst the TV show helped the appeal with this statement piece. If you look back through the history of these necklaces.

A Love Island of Name Necklaces

Cultural History

Girls would receive these necklaces as gifts, as a part of girlhood and coming of age, for women of colour and ethnic minorities. This was happening long before Sex and The City came along. You will find personalised jewellery became a big trend, that started back in the 1970’s. Back in the 70’s, you had street hustlers wearing personalised jewellery in New York.

In the 1980’s, through the rise of Hip Hop. Which was more than just music, it was fashion and dance, graffiti within the Black and Hispanic communities. Big influential stars such as Big Daddy Kane, Slick Rick, wearing their big medallions and personalised jewellery brought this jewellery into the spotlight. Overtime this then shifted into a condensed styling of the commonly known nameplate necklace.


The cultural significance of the jewellery, most definitely goes way deeper than Carrie Bradshaw and Love Islands fashionable pieces of jewellery.



So whatever the current trend, like clothing or jewellery, it all has a history of where it came from.

Love Island is the current cultural phenomenon that’s got everyone talking at the moment. Whether love island influence’s trends and fashion, this remains to be seen by some. What we do know, is that nameplate necklaces are the must-have piece of jewellery right now.


If you would like to have a piece of jewellery that represents your unique style, and identity. Whether in gold, rose gold or silver? Name necklace in an Old English font, check them out here.


What do you think? Do you think this series of Love Island has been a Love Island of Name Necklaces?

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