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The Emperor & Sun Tarot meanings. Will yours be upright or reversed?

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Tarot Meanings

 So you’ve probably heard of tarot cards right?  if you’re reading this i’m guessing there’s a good chance of that. The Emperor & Sun Tarot meanings. Will yours be upright or reversed? If you’re looking for a specific card meaning that happens to be, The Emperor, The Moon, The Sun, The Star, then you’ve come to the right place. Below you will find each card meaning upright and reversed.


The Emperor Tarot Card

Upright;- Power, Leadership, Authority, Order

The Emperor is suggestive of stability and security in life, and it is your hard work that has bought you this far. You are in charge of your life, and set your own rules and boundaries.

Reversed;- The reversed Emperor Tarot card can mean an abuse of power. This can manifest in your social life in the overreach of power from male who can be a loved one or friend that wants to make you feel powerless and control your behaviour. 

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The Emperor Tarot
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The Sun Tarot

The Moon Tarot Card

Upright;- Intuition, Dreams, Illusion, Subconscious, 

The moon indicates that everything is not as it seems, and is the major Arcana card for intuition.

Reversed;- This can mean you experience existing darker and negative aspects of the moon. You may experience unhappiness, anxiety and not know which way to turn. But you must face your fears. 

The Sun Tarot Card

Upright;- Happiness, Harmony, Joy, Good Fortune

The Sun represents the universe coming together, agreeing with your path, and aiding forward movement into something greater. It also represents success, abundance, and radiance

Reversed;-In the reversed position you will find that it indicates you struggle to see positives of a specific situation. You could be clouded and these clouds could possibly be blocking out  your light which helps progression.It could be your experiencing certain set backs and not feeling so optimistic or motivated. You can also be feeling less confident or powerful.


The Star Tarot Card

Upright;- Good health, Hope, Inspiration, Opportunities

The Star indicates that you are  likely to find yourself feeling inspired. It brings renewed hope, faith and a sense that you’re truly blessed by the universe.

Reversed;- The Star Tarot can indicate you have lost faith in something dear to you. And you feel as though everything is against you and feel as if you cannot overcome any challenges you may face. You feel like you have no hope or faith and have lost all motivation to progress forward. The star reversed asks us to nurture your hope and positivity and help you propel with positivity to help you through.

If you want a more in depth answer, to all meanings of the Tarot cards, check it out here at this very insightful site that will teach you more.

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