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Top 4 bold chunky necklaces for autumn 2021

Silver Chunky Chain Necklace Curb Solid Heavy Men's Necklace

We have the top 4 bold chunky necklaces for autumn 2021, that are currently on trend, or will at least be seen on trend next season. Judging from what was seen on the catwalks at fashion week last month we will be seeing the return of chokers but thicker styles, big chunky chain link necklaces, Asymmetric chains, really really big chains.


Chunky Thick chokers neclaces

So chokers are one of those necklaces that occasionally make an appearance. But with designers such as Dior, Fendi & Acne showcasing these on the catwalks, they’re bound to make a huge resurgence. These designers have demonstrated how metamorphic these necklaces can be. After all they were always seen as punk, Gothic jewellery pieces and have now become quite elegant. The bigger, bolder,  the better, we say.



Bold chain link necklaces


Big chunky elongated chain links aka paperclip chain. These attract the light beautifully as well as being full of attitude but then  elegant at the same time. Try adding one of these necklaces with a leopard print top to stand out from the crowd or a black t-shirt for great contrast with the jewellery. 


Silver Chunky Chain Necklace Curb Solid Heavy Men's Necklace

Asymetric chain neclaces

Two different chain styles on one chain? Yep this somehow works and is currently on trend,right now! This style gives the buyer a sense of individuality and for them to showcase this with jewellery as well as fashion. It’s one of the top selling chain styles at the minute. Combining the two chain styles, gives you a somewhat edgy punk vibe with a hint of elegance thrown in the mix.

Big chains

So these have been a trend for a while now. And so they should because they make a very bold statement. And thankfully they are not going anywhere.

On  Givenchy’s fall 2021 runway show, they demonstrated just this but their jewellery line was even chunkier and bolder. I mean chunkier the better right!?

Many celebrities are seen wearing chunky jewellery. So its no surprise this trend in general is here to stay for a while. Try having a look here at one of our basics.


Streetwear to the ring

Paris Fury wore a thick chunky chain necklace to her husband Tyson Furys fight saturday night with  Deontay Wilder. She was wearing an elegant dress with a chunky chain as her staple piece of jewellery. I think we can all agree that you don’t just need to wear streetwear clothing to pull off the chunky chain look and they go with whatever you want really. Just be as individual as you like and experiment. 


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